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Embracing the Unknown: Discovering Reassurance and Self-Trust

Blurb about life and reassurances. So often, I get stressed out about uncertainty, which has been one of the primary triggers for my anxious thought cycle. I used to think about the worst-case scenario to prepare myself well, but it wasn't so easy for the last couple of years with such a thought. So now I have made a place for such unhappy thoughts/truths of life as they are eternal truths.

Becoming aware of the moments we live and spend with one another changes my perspective towards life and myself. Therapy, meditation, walks, affirmation and trust in myself help me the most. So when I came across the ''headspace'' meditation about reassurance yesterday, I realised it is essential to remind yourself about your strengths, discoveries and hardships and the lessons learnt.

Stopping the self-pity party, I have been exploring this new path of reassurance.

I am here to design better places for nature and people. In addition, I want to create art to bring awareness and tell stories. These things mean a great deal of meaning for me.

My non-negotiables are my mind and body, family, partner and community.

I am capable and strong to receive happiness and battle fears.

I am training my mind to accept and deal with unpleasant scenes because they exist for everyone. I am going to deal with fear and acknowledge the harshest things.

What I know for sure is

  • Everything is temporary

  • There is beauty in life

  • People are more inclined to cooperate than not

  • There will be things in life where I won't know why things are happening in my Life

I will trust the process and not run to a conclusion and ride an irrational roller coaster because it will take me nowhere. So instead, I will acknowledge the unpleasant passengers on my train. Even if they exist, they are not doing anything to me, but while worrying about them, I will miss the beautiful landscapes and people inside and outside.

Life is too short, so let's live it to the fullest in right now. <3

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