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Who I am in this beautiful world!

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

I always wanted to write for myself but only dared to today. Tangled in a web of perfection and procrastination, I missed completing such projects but not anymore.

Here is my first post about myself.

My name is Radha Waykool. I have imagined being an artist since I could remember as a child. I graduated as an architect and followed a plan of doing a master's by completing a landscape architecture degree in Singapore. I worked as a designer in the architecture and landscape architecture industry, but my heart still goes for paint brushes and the world of vivid colours.

I am still moulding myself as an artist, but I will call myself an artist eventually. It's intimidating, but I want to get confident about work to call Radha an artist.

I had many hobbies growing up, but painting, reading and writing stuck throughout my life, and I consider them my calling. In addition, I love nature, architecture and art; hence I am exploring them. I am still finding an end goal, but I will continue my art journey.

Also, my close friends have suggested that I write about myself, the landscape, and my take on different things. I am a bit shy and awkward, but why not challenge yourself?

Post Covid Yr1, I found out that ADHD has been there as a part of life and hid it well until I couldn't. Going for therapy helped me know myself and my traits(I highly recommend it for self-growth). It explains why I have extreme focus when I pursue something I like.

Ra's Blog

I am writing this blog to express my art journey over the coming decades and put it out without hesitation. Because good artists don't think in weeks or months, they believe in decades. I will discuss observations and beauty of nature, art, design, cities and architecture, etc., here to keep a log of the journey in the form of a blog. Welcome to the open pages of my journal of art life and unknowns.

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